Test for the new host

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Switched over to HostGator from Hostway to save some bucks. My version of MovableType is pretty old but was able to seemingly transfer everything over. Publishing this proves that it worked,

Unfinished Action from Page 2

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Here's part of an unfinished panel for Page 2...I wish I could work faster!


Script Complete, Pencils Begun

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When was the last time we saw Sprinkles as a human? Many, many years ago. Well here he is now..hairy, big nose, noticeable ears, but really it's all in the eyes. Here's the first bit of inks for Issue #1. Now that the script is complete I have begun the task of drawing this beast. Let's see if I can keep the same style throughout (hint: No).


Retooling and Side Project

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Sprinkles Volume 3, Issue 1 is underway. Having taken another class and worked on a few shorts, I re-read the original Sprinkles #1 script and decided it must be retooled. Although a lot of progress was made, I feel like it's necessary to change some elements of the story to allow me to introduce the major players all in the first issue, which should hopefully grab people's attention a lot sooner than if I had continued with the way things were. Luckily the same major story structure is mostly intact and I'll be able to re-use some of the art that was already completed (yah digital!). Once the writing is complete, hopefully the drawing will go a lot quicker than it had been since I've been keeping up with my skillz these last few weeks and improving the velocity with which I can finish a full page. Also the intended delivery now is to deliver groups of pages digitally, with a final chapter (and book) being made available for order online at the end. So we'll try that and see how it goes.

I'll also be working on a kind of anthology side project with a few of the folks from my class but that will probably remain a secret...maybe forever. Depends on how it all comes out in the end...

Page 3 of Commanders in Grief

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The final page of the President's Day short. It took a long time to do the detail on this one but I'm happy with the result. Next up: back to work on Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose!


Roosevelt was a bad ass...


What's New and Coming Soon?

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Not that there are many people checking this site, but here's a traditionally written news entry about the current state of Sprinkles...

  • My class is over and I finished the final homework so that means that my Monday nights are free once more to actually work on Sprinkles-related stuff.
  • I'm currently finishing up the third and final page of the Commanders in Grief short which should definitely be done by this coming Friday.
  • Once the Commanders short is complete, I get to go back to work on Issue #1 of what I guess will be Volume 3 of Sprinkles. Not currently sure how these will be posted, whether it will be page by page or bundles of pages or one final book. I'd like to keep a stream of work flowing.
  • I still have some leftover ideas for shorts so we may get 1 or 2 pagers if I need a break from the main story.
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A New I.T. Hope Part 2

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Here's the second and final part to the homework from my comic art class. The graduation scene was something I added...I think I just wanted to draw Luke's retro-70s jacket that he wore in that scene. I also added the scene with Bossk...just kind of wanted to draw him and it helped flesh things out to two pages.

star wars2.png

A New I.T. Hope

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This was done as part of a comic art class I was taking in Harvard Square. It was homework for a collaboration class where we each had to bring a script in and swap with a partner. We were supposed to collaborate in class then take each other's scripts home and finish a comic.  The comic below was written by Larry Brandon with art by me. Page 1 of 2 below (click to embiggenate):

star wars1.png

President's Day short, Page 2

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Here is page 2 with its little splash of color...