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I was a busy beaver today, scanning in comic after comic. The old school stuff is well-represented now. I added the comics below to the One Shots section. Enjoy!

All 34 Issues of STPM Now Up!

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Of course, not all are at the scan quality we want, but I posted the final 4 issues of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1. Unfortunately, the "Enemies Galore" storyline does not get a resolution here.

An Old Friend Returns for the Holidays...

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For those of you with Flash in your browser (basically, anybody with anything besides an iPad or iPhone), you'll see an old treat on the News page to the left just above the News text. The old site featured a Flash-based nav with a snowy Sprinkles during the holidays...and he's temporarily back this year.

When It's Time To Change, Issues #29-30

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I've uploaded STPM Issues #29 and #30 to the comicviewer for your perusal. The "When It's Time to Change" storyline ends in a mildly homo-erotic fashion. I mean, there's some strong plutonic man-hugging on the floor, weeping, and bare moose chest be the judge:

Get an up close and personal taste of Bobo the Clown in the two parter "Backstage" and the first installment of "When It's Time To Change" featuring the return of Dr. N. Sane and his idiot henchman, Bob.

Super-Sized STPM #25 Now Available

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22 Pages of Sprinkles goodness. McSpidey! Venison! Parody! Contortions! Lunch Bag Cover! Color Cover! Fully Inked! Can you handle it?

Issue #24 of STPM Volume 1

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Now available: Mr. Mako! Numbskull! Muffler! Gutterball! Wick-Man! Sprinkles and Jack take on all comers in this action packed issue!

All New Scan of Sprinkles Issue #23

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Next up on the scan list are Mike's Volume 1 issues of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose. I just finished uploading #23 to the site. Eventually, all of the comics will be re-scanned for better quality. Check out out:

All Volume 1 D.O.P.E. Comics Now Available

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I've posted the last three issues of the first run of D.O.P.E. comics, Issues #13-15. Unfortunately the last issue leaves off "To Be Continued...", never to see the new group of D.O.P.E. villains further their plan. But that's OK, I have a feeling we'll be meeting these guys again sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll ask Mike to tell us if he remembers where he was going to take this story.

Well we hope you enjoyed these original D.O.P.E. books; they're a lot of fun. You can see Mike's story and art improve over time. I know I had a great time on memory lane reading these suckers and I'm excited for the future. Mike is currently busy at work on D.O.P.E. Volume 2, #1 so hopefully we'll be visiting with The Leper, Saliva Man, Pinhead, and Flaming Idiot again sometime soon. As always, stay tuned...

D.O.P.E. Short Story and Issue #12

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In a lot of ways, D.O.P.E. #12, as well as the short story "A D.O.P.E. of a Different Gender", are two of the stories that start to crystallize just how strange and varied the characters in the Sprinkles Megaverse can be, and issue #12 is one of my favorite D.O.P.E. books. You start to see the grandiose self delusions of some of the lesser heroes, and the cockiness of the D.O.P.E. characters themselves. Gotta love the shot of Amazin' Tree (part of the Plant Squad) yawning on page 3. I think Mike and I both have a love for drawing panels full of weirdos and letting people wonder who the hell these characters are. I know I always appreciated seeing that in other comics.

Mike also addresses our lack of women in the Sprinkles Megaverse in the short presented here. I'm not sure either of us know why the universe lacks females. I can tell you that I personally am always concerned about making the women either look too mannish or too voluptuous. Hopefully we address this gaping hole in the new comics.

And one other thing. We both love doing parodies. Mike's "Liefeld" cover...could actually have just as easily been drawn by Rob Liefeld. When he finally showed me this issue years since my initial viewing, I just laughed out loud. It's so accurate. Actually, I hate to bash the guy over and over (no I don't) but I think Mike did a better Liefeld than Liefeld does Liefeld. Also, enjoy this site's take on the 40 worst Liefeld drawings if you are not familiar with the man's work:

Also, Liefeld Liefeld? Liefeld Liefeld.

Anyways, enjoy these two twisted tales:

D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Issues #9-11 Online Now!

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Click the covers below to get to the newly posted books. Sludge attacks Quadropolis while the main four members of D.O.P.E. are, shall we say, indisposed. Only some lesser (known) members of D.O.P.E. have time to stop him! You'll be glad you met Coco, Coco Lad, M.C. Frog, Checkmate, and Numbskull. Will they succeed? Find out!

D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Issues #6-8 Online Now!

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Busy night scanning...the original D.O.P.E. issues #6-8 can be had on the Comics page. There is some bleed through on the final pages of some of the issues. It's hard to get rid of this effect without spending a lot of time with Photoshop, and my scanner only seems to have an option to show more bleed-through, not less. Thanks, Epson.

It's fun to take a trip down memory lane with our friends from D.O.P.E. in preparation for their rebirth, happening soon in Volume 2. Mike is currently hard at work on issue #1 and excited to bring you some new Defenders of Planet Earth. They'll be inhabiting the same comic universe once again as their old frenemy Sprinkles.

As we work on these new comics and revisit some old friends, it does feel like someone just turned the light on in a dark studio, and characters are slowly starting to materialize back into existence, repopulating a universe where the thick dust is once again being blown off everything and craziness is about to ensue. Some of these characters are no worse the wear for their long hiatus, but some have changed for the better. Looking forward to unleashing the crew once more.

D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Issues #4 and #5 Now Up

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More fresh scans from the 90s on the Comics page!
Fresh off the scanner, issues 1-3 of D.O.P.E. Volume 1 are now available in our comic viewer on the comics page!


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We here at Vigilante Comics are proud to present to you the original D.O.P.E. Defenders of Planet Earth comics. Created by Mike Longo and existing in the Sprinkles Megaverse, D.O.P.E. follows a group of friends who are accidentally given super powers when they become irradiated at a nuclear testing site. Follow the adventures of Saliva Man, Pinhead, The Flaming Idiot, and their leader The Leper as they embrace their newfound powers and recruit other superheroes to aid them in their neverending battles against evil.

Check them out on the Comics page under the D.O.P.E. title. These issues have been freshly scanned in from their original 1992-1995 books. All 15 existing books will eventually be added over the coming weeks, so check back in for more D.O.P.E. action!

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