All Volume 1 D.O.P.E. Comics Now Available

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I've posted the last three issues of the first run of D.O.P.E. comics, Issues #13-15. Unfortunately the last issue leaves off "To Be Continued...", never to see the new group of D.O.P.E. villains further their plan. But that's OK, I have a feeling we'll be meeting these guys again sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll ask Mike to tell us if he remembers where he was going to take this story.

Well we hope you enjoyed these original D.O.P.E. books; they're a lot of fun. You can see Mike's story and art improve over time. I know I had a great time on memory lane reading these suckers and I'm excited for the future. Mike is currently busy at work on D.O.P.E. Volume 2, #1 so hopefully we'll be visiting with The Leper, Saliva Man, Pinhead, and Flaming Idiot again sometime soon. As always, stay tuned...

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